Get it on the calendar! Vision Sunday – September 14th.

If you’re a Crosspointer, you need to be here! Don’t sleep in, don’t skip, don’t travel, don’t miss this one.

We’re unveiling this year’s vision and talking who we are and where we’re going and why. Bring yourself, bring your family, bring some friends.


3 Pre-Vacation Shout-Outs

I’m only four days away from summer vacation – wooho! I’ll finish preaching on Sunday and then we’re hopping in a car and driving away to sunny…Penniac. OK, so we aren’t really going too far, but I’m going to be off. So, here’s a few reminders and shout-outs I wanted to blog before I turn off my computer and phone for a couple weeks.



We’re hosting a week-long camp for kids at the end of this month, and it’s going to be FANTASTIC! If you’ve got kids, send ‘em. If you don’t have kids, then get the word out to all your families and friends and neighbours that DO have kids.

This is such an easy invitation to give, but the potential for kingdom impact is huge. Grab a postcard or twelve and hand them out, link the web address on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and do whatever you can to see this camp fill up with new faces!   Register here:

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.54.06 AM


This is on my favourite annual events at the church! We gather around the banks of the Nashwaak to celebrate life-change, and we want you there. If you’ve never been baptized and you’re a follower of a Christ, then there is no greater opportunity than this. Let us know- August 17th is the date, so be praying about it, and don’t miss that Sunday!

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.06.11 AM



Our Direct Message series on the book of Proverbs has been so good! Timely/practical messages, lots of fun, full bands leading us in worship, BBQ’s, and now air conditioning – you should be in church this summer! Don’t take a vacation from Sundays – we’d love to have you here, and you should be bringing some people with you. We had a great crowd on Sunday (a Beulah Sunday, no less!) with tons of energy and lots of new faces; make sure you’re with us!  Here’s Sundays sermon and “Proverb or Pop Song” trivia:




Remedy for a Leprous Church

Pastor Brent Ingersoll (Lead Pastor at Kings Valley, and a born and raised Crosspointer!) unloaded this powerful and anointed message at Beulah this week. Wrecked me. You need to watch it.


Not sure what happened, but the blog went AWOL for a couple of weeks. WordPress made some major changes, so perhaps it was something on their end. Regardless…we’re back!

7 Reasons to Come to Church This Summer!

1.Direct Message Sunday mornings are going to be a blast! We’re spending summer in the book of Proverbs. I’ve always loved those short, witty, hilarious and profound phrases of Proverbs. In a lot of ways, Proverbs was the original Twitter! Hence the series name, “Direct Message.”  We may even be playing a game each week called “Proverb or Pop Song”…and it’s harder than it sounds. We’ve set up our own Proverbs Twitter account for the series. Give it a follow for a daily Proverb, to participate in contests, and to stay up to date! @ProverbsCP

2. Camp Crosspoint – Calling all superheroes! We’re holding a week-long camp for kids at CP this summer, featuring worship, storytelling, games, and more! We’re wrapping it all up with a huge Family Day that’ll include bouncy castles, BBQ’s and awesomeness.  And best of all – it’s FREE! Get it on the calendar, and start inviting your neighbourhood. It kicks off July 29th – check out the website for more information.

3. Air Conditioning – Ok, I know this one is a bit different, but it’s still awesome…for the first time ever, the Crosspoint sanctuary is going to have AIR CONDITIONING! If you’ve ever sat through a service/wedding/event in that room in the middle of July, then you understand how fantastic and necessary this is. Here’s the details: We’re planning to have 6 heat pumps installed for the ridiculously low price of $13,5000, courtesy of Crosspointer Rob Laagland; this not only blesses us with AC, but it could potentially cut heating costs by 30%, freeing up more money to do ministry. We’re taking a big offering on June 22nd to help make this happen; thanks for helping us out!

4. River Baptisms - It wouldn’t be summer at Crosspoint without spending a morning on the banks of the Nashwaak for baptisms! This is always one of my favourite days of the year, and we’ve already got somebody signed up! Perhaps it’s your year, too; let us know! August 17th after 2nd service – don’t miss it!

5. Uth - We have an awesome youth ministry at CP, and they’ll be active all summer long! Camping, paintball, water parks…you name it, they’re doing it! Check out their calendar and more information: CPUth Summer Calendar 

6. BBQ’s - Ever walk out the doors on a Sunday morning and wonder, “What are we doing for lunch today?” Let us help you answer that question! We’re having monthly BBQ’s all summer long – stick around after 2nd service for hot dogs, burgers, sausages, pop and more; every item is only $1! Meet some new folks, eat some meat, let your kids run around – it’s perfect! Our first BBQ will be June 22nd – hope to see you there!


7. Jesus is Worth It! I know, I’m playing the Jesus card; but I mean it – you won’t regret time spent with Jesus! I understand that many of you will be away on vacation throughout the summer, and that’s ok…I will be, too! But if you’re within driving distance of your home church, then come to church! We’re throwing lots of energy into these 12 weeks, we’re praying and expecting God to work and speak and move, and we’re hoping to see lots of new and familiar faces.

So…see you at Crosspoint this summer!

The Year in Numbers

We held our Annual Meeting on Sunday night, which means the 2013-2014 church year is officially in the books! Despite our fair share of challenges, God is good, and He led and spoke and healed and redeemed, just like He always does. Some highlights:

Global Missions Teams – 2 (23 people)

$50,000 overall invested in missions!

Undesignated Income reached its highest total ever – was an increase of 7.5% from last year

Expenses Cut (not including renovations) by nearly $40,000, a 7% decrease from last year

Principle debt paid off: $30,000+ // all credit cards at zero

Received a $50,000 gift, mainly earmarked for greatly-needed facility upgrades & renovations

Monthly website hits: 108,000+

Monthly blog hits: 14,000+

Overall attendance: 465

Salvations – 33

Baptisms – 22

Most-attended Sunday: 616 (second-highest on record)

Cups of Coffee served: 1.2 million (approximate; numbers not final)


There’s lots of other things you could highlight, but it’s difficult to put a number on them – restored relationships, people being healed and called to ministry and stepping out in faith, incredible stories of life change – on and on its goes. Needless to say, God has been with us, working and leading and blessing every step of the way.  Thanks for your prayers and attendance and support along the way, Crosspoint – the future is bright!



Snakes, Swords, & Trumpets

We kicked off our Brave series on Sunday, so I brought a friend onstage to help illustrate how, at some point in our lives, we’ll all have to face our fears. “Bravery is being terrified and doing it anyway.”

My friend was Russell, a 4-ft corn snake (for the record, Russell is a fantastic name for a pet). He was super active, which was awesome, but also difficult; he wrapped himself in a knot during first service, and I almost dropped him during 2nd service. The good news is that only one person actually got up and ran out of the sanctuary. (Fun fact: I couldn’t get the cover back on his tank for the 1st service, so I dropped him in and prayed he wouldn’t escape. He stayed put, thankfully…)

I don’t often use props when I preach, but this was fun. No worries, Crosspoint, I won’t be doing it again anytime soon.  Until our series on sharks or killer bees or something.

You can watch the sermon HERE.


Brave. Sunday. See you at Crosspoint.

“No matter how long you train someone to be brave, you never know if they are or not until something real happens.”  -Veronica Roth / Insurgent 

Church Stage Timelapse Video

Behold the wizardry of AJ Guptill and his crew:

Mother’s Day Highlights

We had a fantastic Mother’s Day @ Crosspoint this past Sunday! Some highlights for those who may have missed it, or wanted to see it again:

The Candy Bar! 

The moms cleaned this out!  Not a crumb left. (In fact, there wasn’t even any sugar left in some of those bowls, because someone’s kids licked ‘em clean after everyone went home…) Thanks to Pastor Nathalie for putting this together for us!

Director of Operations Video

Earliest we’ve ever made you cry in a service? Probably.


Does it get any better than this?!

Full Service (The Fruit of the Spirit) with baptisms and ‘ghost stories’ included:

Such a great day! To repeat what I said on Sunday morning – Crosspoint Church would be a  wreck if we didn’t have a bunch of moms helping run the place! Thanks for all you do.